News For This Month: Retirements

August 23, 2017


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Tips on Retiring Comfortably

For most of us, retirement is not an emergency as it appears to be far off. We prefer putting all our energy on family expenses and mortgage settlements. The younger you are, the lesser the thought of saving for retirement is appealing. At around age 40, your finances may be directed towards a business venture or college fees for your kids. When you get to your fifties; you are startled at how near retirement is. It then dawns on you how little time you have left to plan.

We all fear the thought of retirement for various reasons. Nobody wishes to imagine how old age feels. On top of that, putting away money you could be using to settle immediate bills is discouraging. To help you manage these thoughts, you need to get a clear picture on what it means to save for retirement. This is the trusted method of securing a good retirement plan. You will, also, be able to meet fulfill current and future needs.

The amount you need to have at retirement is surprisingly similar to your current expenditure. The needs of food, shelter, clothing, to name a few, are similar at any age. People in retirement also take holidays, require personal transportation and occasionally go out to eat. All this is quite costly. It is not that hard adding up all those expenses. You first look at your current income, then assess its ability to sustain your lifestyle. Where necessary, do some adjustments.

Look at the expenses your employer covers for you that will be absent once you retire. They include shelter, vehicles or medical covers. Add up their cost to your monthly income. On top of these, also add the luxury items like travel. Regular costs such as house and car repairs go in next.

You then need to take away those costs that retirement will do away with. Typical costs are transported to and from work. Eliminate work-related outfit costs. Recurrent professional development and work-related club membership fees will also disappear. Remove also the total you pay for loans that will have cleared by then. Your mortgage fits this description.

Realistically speaking, the cost of supporting your children should be over by then. Consider also the amount your spouse is outing towards the same exercise. If you put your heads together, you will both manage much easier. Should you also be expecting some inheritance, factor that in too.

The final figure should give you an indication of what to work towards. An important tool to implement at this point is a profit sharing calculator. It is an app that simplifies your savings calculations. It factors in the benefit of tax deferral on any retirement related expenses or income and the portion of your employer’s contribution to your retirement scheme. Timing your retirement age as late as possible earns your more payouts. After it makes its calculations, it will give you a solid retirement savings plan.

Saving for retirement needs to be appropriately done, in a secure vehicle. Approaching retirement is unsettling for most people. Getting old while poor is far much worse.