4 Mistakes to Avoid With Bike Trainer

August 18, 2017


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Some days can be bad to go out for a working out or a simple jog. Bike trainer can be so much resourceful in situations when you do not want to go out but work out. There are several mistakes that many people commit while working out on the trainer. Using the indoor bike is made easy here:

1. Not Setting the Trainer Right: Usually, the trainer bikes come with wheels and blocks. The settings in the bike trainer are important and you need to know how to adjust them. Unless you set the trainer on the right settings, you will be going nowhere with it. Also, chances are you might hurt yourself and repent it all your life. Hence, it is imperative that you go through the manual and learn about the settings in detail. One should always have a comfortable ride on the trainer. If you are having a painful one means you are doing it wrong.

2. Not Fueling Yourself: It is a myth that you should workout when you are empty-stomached. People sometimes come from office and straightaway hit their smart trainer. This habit can have grave repercussion. You might simply collapse or feel fatigue after an intensive workout. Ideally, you should have eaten at least 3 to 4 hours prior to your workout. If you did not get the chance then you can grab a light meal one hour before hitting the trainer. Also, you should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day to cover up for the sweat.

3. Not Shifting: It is said that the stationary bike trainer will certainly give you the right feeling of the road.But, if you are a true cyclist, you will feel the static resistance. Any stationary trainer will tire you easily. This is because the muscles feel the pressure more indoors than the outdoors. Hence, one should find out about the setting that allows the user to shift. Also, one should not depend on the indoor bikes heavily and go out as often as possible to get the real feel.

4. Not Being Attentive: Some people tend to invest in the best trainer and get on it assuming that they will turn healthy. But, you need to set an aim. Unless you have structured workouts, you will get nothing out of it. It is important that you as much as you can about the indoor trainers so that you can set a goal. While setting a plan, understand the need of your body and how healthy you are. In case you find it tough, you can hire a professional trainer to guide you with the same.